Shameless Plug - Come See PowerChords Perform over Family Weekend - 10/25/12

Family Weekend is THIS weekend, folks! And we have doubly exciting news! First, make sure to stop by AC 113 on Friday Oct. 26th to see PowerChords perform one of our sets at 4PM or 5:30PM. Second, come get your copy of our first track-by-track studio album, Shameless Plug! Our official release date is this Friday and we will be selling copies for just $15. If you thought Surge was great, you won't want to miss Shameless Plug! Right now the only way to get a copy is to come visit us at Olin, so we'll see you soon!

New Members - 09/06/12

Welcome to our new, first-year members: Marena, Jennifer, Paige, Rahil, and Mitch!! Based on our first full rehearsal tonight, it looks/sounds like we have an incredible semester ahead...

Thanks for another great year! - 05/20/12

Congratulations to our five seniors who graduated from Olin today!! We had a fun, impromptu concert in the dining hall to send us off. We had a fabulous year and I can't wait to see what happens next year. This is Jessie, signing off as your (now former) PowerChords President.

Get Revved up for our Spring Concert! - 04/19/12

Our Spring Concert is just over two weeks away! We'll see you May 4th, 7:30PM in Milas Auditorium. Oh, and study up on Brawl and your Gameboy in the meantime...