ICCA! - 2/21/16

What a great night! We so appreciated seeing so many of our friends from Olin and beyond in the audience. Thank you for coming out to see us -- we hope you enjoyed our show, and we'll see you at ICCAs again next year! You can watch the (unofficial) video of the performance here

Powerchords Charge Up for the ICCA - 02/08/16

This year's ICCA will take place on February 20th, starting at 7pm. In less than two weeks, the PowerChords will take the stage at Somerville High School to compete in the International Collegiate Competition of Acapella! Buy your tickets now at

PowerChords say goodbye to The Franz, say hello to Daniel - 01/17/16

Beloved Supersenior Eric 'Franz' Schneider has graduated from Olin and is off to explore the world. Come back to visit soon, Franz! We miss you already! PowerChords opened mid-year auditions and is excited to welcome Daniel Doherty, '19, to PowerChords! You can read his bio in our "Current Members" section.

Another New Year! - 09/09/15

In the 2014-2015 season, PowerChords lit up the ICCAs with LEDs, attended the Boston Sings conference, and had plenty of time to bond as a group. This year, after saying good-bye to Ingrid, Riva, Kyle, and Mitch, we're very excited to welcome Bryan Werth, William Lu, Katie Butler, Kim Winter, Lauren Gullland, and Linnea Laux to PowerChords! Stay tuned for photos, bios, and more updates!